Interaction between cognitive and affective processes

paul downing

Name: Paul Downing
Email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Position: Professor
Primary affiliation: School of Psychology, Bangor University (see my lab webpage)
Postal address: School of Psychology, Adeilad Brigantia, Penrallt Road. Gwynedd LL57 2AS United Kingdom
Voice: (+44) 01248 382159
Facsimile: (+44) 01248 382599


At the broadest level, I am interested in understanding how the brain deals with one of its most complex problems -- understanding other people. With my students and colleagues we have focused on the earlier perceptual stages of this process, such as how people perceive faces and bodies and their movements. Moreover, we have extended this research into studies of the shared visual/motor representations of bodily actions. Still more recently, we have developed a line of work comparing and contrasting the perceptual functions of extrastriate cortex and the medial temporal cortex. In terms of methods, our main research tool has been and continues to be fMRI; our studies use traditional blocked and event-related designs, and, more recently, multivoxel pattern analysis approaches. Recently I have also collaborated on ERP studies of body and face perception, and I am working a new line of research that uses TMS and fMRI conjointly to study person and action perception.

Key words: face and body perception; action perception; shared representations; fMRI; multivoxel pattern analysis.


- 1998 Ph.D in Psychology, Princeton University
- 1992 B.S. in Cognitive Science, UCLA.

Positions and Employment:
- 2010. Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Bangor University
- 2006. Reader, Bangor University
- 2005. Senior Lecturer, Bangor University
- 2000. Lecturer, Bangor University
- 1998. Post-doctoral fellow, Brain & Cognitive Sciences, MIT


To be discussed


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